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The appeal on behalf of the Ocean as a common good for mankind was launched just two years ago ( Since then, as talks continue at the UN on the protection and use of the high seas, the various measures we have taken are still aimed at the same target: making our communities more aware of the problem and encouraging states to understand they need to act preserve the Ocean. That is why last December during a speech on France’s maritime policy, the French President declared that the first step was for the Ocean to be considered a common good for mankind. Since then, French diplomats have helped raise the issue on the international stage. Convinced that we need to act individually and collectively to save the Ocean, we have decided to launch a major operation called SWIM FOR THE OCEAN. This invites every one of us to organise, support or take part in an event out on the water, in order to bring as many people together as possible and make them aware of the issue. So, join us, get involved and dive in for the Ocean.

Swim for the Ocean is a borderless crowd-funding project that has no time limits and is based on the organisation of a series of nautical events aimed at all those who enjoy being out on the water (swimmers, rowers, surfers, paddlers, kayakers,…), and who want to get involved in preserving the waters of our rivers, lakes, bays, coasts and our Ocean.

This big event will enable people to act locally, nationally and internationally all at the same time. Whether we are looking at taking part or organising an event or simply making an online donation, anyone who wants to become involved is invited to take part in or support the various events that are being organised in France and which can be viewed on the website that has gone online today and is dedicated to this major

Swim for the Ocean comes in various shapes and sizes: a race organised out on the water during a special event, a festival, a team-building operation for the staff in a business, a YouTuber who invites his followers to cross a lake together or go down a canal, or challenges taken up by Olympic swimmers or freedivers…

10 metres swum = 1 € collected for the Ocean

During the different events organised within the context of Swim for the Ocean, each “swimmer” will raise 1€ for every ten metres they cover in or on the water. Half of the money they collect (funded by the donators at each event), will be awarded to local clubs that act to protect the marine, coastal or river environments, in order to put in place concrete action plans. The other half of the money raised will be used to continue with the measures to make people aware of the issue in the framework of the Ocean As Common programme.

Official launch on Monday 8th June 2020

This major long-term operation, officially launched on Monday 8th June 2020 on World Oceans Day is open to everyone and all sorts of organisations, businesses, associations, festivals, sports clubs…) who wish to organise a Swim for the Ocean in their region, town, coast, river, lake, swimming pool…. You can find all the useful information about organising a Swim for the Ocean on the website,

Catherine Chabaud, co-author of the Appeal for the Ocean to be seen as a common good for mankind and initiator of the Swim for the Ocean project, stresses that this project can be carried out individually and collectively: “This event makes it possible to get all sorts of people involved from local bodies organising the “swims”, business partners funding them, but also the employees and more generally every citizen who can take part physically in the various events. It is important to show that everyone has their role to play in this project, which also promotes and supports local associations.”

Innovations Bleues, promoting Swim for the Ocean

Co-founder of the Ocean and Climate Platform in 2014 and the Appeal for the Ocean to be seen as a common good for mankind in 2018, Innovations Bleues is an association dedicated to supporting action plans and innovative programmes that help encourage people to show respect and adopt a sustainable approach when using the marine, coastal or river environment. Julian Stone, President of Innovations Bleues: Swim for the Ocean is the major crowd-funding project encouraging people to get involved that we have launched to support the Ocean as Common campaign, and to contribute to the funding of local action plans set up by associations that are committed to preserving the marine, coastal and river environments. Our goal in making this a permanent annual event is to generate a regular income to support local action plans aimed at preserving water quality and the aquatic environment. All of the partners that become involved will be able to become part of a network to share their experiences and talk about best practices on a large scale.”