From preservation to regeneration

Let’s invest together in the regeneration of aquatic biodiversity

ReGeneration is a collaborative initiative to qualify and finance as many aquatic ecosystem regeneration projects as possible, through the mobilization of companies and their employees.

Our common goal: to improve the resilience of aquatic ecosystems in the face of climate change.

What projects are funded?


Reunion Island

Restauration of corals the Reunion Island



Construction of vegetalized rafts in urban waterways, who local fauna and flora



Restoration of flat oyster reefs in Brittany, which have the effects of coral reefs in northern seas


Mediterranean Sea

Restoration of gorgonians, corals of the Mediterranean Sea

The Benefits

  • You contribute to a public interest organization, your donation is therefore tax deductible up to 60%
  • An offer adapted to each company, to allow you to maximize your impact
  • We provide you with awareness-raising tools to promote your positive impact on the environment to your internal and external stakeholders: awareness-raising kit, impact reporting, conferences with project leaders, commitment animations, eco-responsible objects…

Projects supported by

Sustainable development goals to which we contribute with ReGeneration