I restore corals

Corals are home to 30% of marine biodiversity and 1 billion people depend on them for their livelihoods.

Corals are highly impacted by climate change, dangerous fishing practices, destruction of ecosystems, etc. 

With Tēnaka, our goal is to restore a coral reef on the Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean!

2022 Goal

[wppb progress="1640/15000" fullwidth=true option=flat location=inside color=#7DA5D4 text="1640€ on 15000€"]

The Benefits of coral reefs restoration

Coral reefs are essential to humanity, they are the global epicenters of marine biodiversity. They are, with tropical forests, the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet.

Coral reefs are nonetheless impacted by human activities. Blast fishing, overfishing, unrestrained tourism, waste, waste water, pesticides, etc. are putting these precious ecosystems under pressure. Consequences of climate change, such as the increase in water temperature cause coral bleaching events of unprecedented magnitude.

Some of the benefits:

• They shelter 30% of marine biodiversity

• 10% of coral reefs in the world are situated in ultramarine territories of France

• They protect coastal areas and its communities from natural hazards

• 1 billion people depend on them for food source or tourism

• They are a source of current or future medicines

Monitor your impact

By joining the movement, you are given access to the Tenaka ScienceⓇ platform, which allows you to follow the reef’s evolution overtime.