A territorial approach for good water quality

Blue Print is a tool adaptable to territories to maintain good water quality by engaging local actors from watersheds to the Ocean. The aim of the approach is to promote ongoing projects led by various actors, to raise awareness on the issue, and to incentivize further actions, individually and collectively.

Co-building the project with all parties is essential in maintaining good water quality as they have the expertise. Our role is to adapt to the specificity of the territory as well as supporting and facilitating further discussions to better respond to the challenge.

Promoting actions led by local actors will contribute in better understanding what is happening on the territory as well as enhancing new projects for safeguarding watersheds and the Ocean.

The territory of Auray Quiberon Terre Atlantique

In 2021, Blue Print was launched as an experiment, in partnership with the conglomeration of Auray Quiberon Terre Atlantique with its 24 municipalities, to improve water quality. For three years, the experimental pilot will contribute in building a concise methodology that will be applicable to other territories.

The territory encompasses three watersheds: Crac’h river, Auray River and Etel River in which people depend for. The area has an economic richness which is based on tourism, agriculture and on seafood industry. Therefore, water quality has an impact on individuals as well as on the biodiversity.

For all these reasons, AQTA wishes to be the first “Blue Print” territory as they are very engaged in the subject and have many actions already ongoing.

Our fields of action

Promoting actions

Promoting local actions will offer a better access to the information for individuals that wish to learn more on what is happening and by whom on water quality. This can also contribute in facilitating the dialogue between actors that are not used to interact.

Raising awareness

Building new awareness tools based on the ‘Nudge’ approach. This approach offers positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions as ways to influence the behavior and decision-making of groups or individuals. The tools will be co-created with actors with the tourist sector and will first be tested in two municipalities in 2022 and will be then deployed on the whole territory by 2023.

Building capacity

Organising events to gather a wide range of actors that are not used to engage. It will contribute in understanding the needs of each individuals and how we can undertake further actions as a community. This field is divided in three phases based on the three watersheds of the territory (6 months each): Crac’h River, Auray River and Etel River

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