Our actions

We are active in the following areas:

  • Ocean governance
  • Transformation of territories (Blue Print)
  • Ecosystem restoration (ReGeneration)
  • Event-based awareness-raising


We publish forums, promote the notion of the Ocean as a global common, and are present at major events. We act daily to improve governance of the Ocean.


With ReGeneration, we are launching a great movement for the restoration of aquatic biodiversity by supporting ecosystem regeneration projects.

Blue Print

Blue Print is a method for accelerating the preservation of water and aquatic ecosystems in a given territory, thanks to the concerted actions and commitment of those who live there: citizens, companies, communities, associations, etc.

Sports events

Nagez Pour l'Océan (Swim for the Ocean) is an event designed to make as many people as possible aware of the challenges of preserving the Ocean through the practice of sports activities: swimming, kayaking, paddling, running, cycling...