For a new governance of the Ocean

For several years, the Institut Français de la Mer, the CNRS Ocean Task Force and the “Ocean as Common” initiative reflect on the necessary changes in Ocean governance to meet current and future challenges.

Our proposals aim to call for greater individual and collective responsibility, to transcend the reading of the rules without calling into question the current law and its founding principles, to adapt our behaviour while taking into account the economic, social and environmental conditions of each individual (the Ocean, global common), to base our actions on robust and shared scientific foundations (International Panel on Ocean Change) and to have a central forum for exchanging and deciding on new practices.

Our 3 proposals

The Ocean, a global common

Acknowledging the Ocean as a Global Common of Humanity

A global, active and open governance

The coordination of multiple international conferences related to the ocean for an integrated treatment of the issues.


For an IPOC: “International Panel on Ocean Change”.